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HAM Radio Discussion New Show Segment Added Host Calls Attention to Bingo Game Guest Apperance (Not Mighty Ohm) Chris or Dave mention they don't read the other ones site
Chris Ponders Buying Some New Piece of Equipment A "Wank Word" is Called Out Technical Difficulties India/China Outsourcing Discussion Dave Starts a Rant
555 and/or Arduino NEVER Mentioned Beagle Board Mentioned The Amp Hour Dave says, "Ahh, I don’t know" Attempt at an Auto Related Discussion
Mighty Ohm Makes a Guest Apperance Home Made IC Argument A "Listener" Calls In Of Course the CEO of Company X is Listening! PCB Editor Software Talked About
3D Printing Segment Chris' Baby Face Brought Up Host Mentions Their Personal Lab Setup Dave Shows His Age Reference to Dilbert World