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Dave says you can fly to the Moon with X! Dave Says "Bugger Off" Chris Tries to Say an Aussie Phrase Mighty Ohm Makes a Guest Apperance "I'll Send You a Dollar to Buy a Clue"
Hackerspaces Discussed Host Calls Attention to Bingo Game The Word "Dodgy" Gets Used Dave Insults the USA Guest Apperance (Not Mighty Ohm)
Chris or Dave mention they don't read the other ones site A Specific IC Part Number is Said The Amp Hour Dave Shows His Age Micro Contest w/ 1k of Memory
Of Course the CEO of Company X is Listening! Non-Electronic Related Tangent Dave Starts a Rant New Show Segment Added Non-Standard Intro/Outro Music
Reference to Dilbert World Chris' Baby Face Brought Up Vintage Equipment Mentioned Chris or Dave get a time zone wrong Beagle Board Mentioned